Time for some ME time

After over 5 years of homeschooling my kids are now in public school full time. It has been almost a month and I can’t seem to spend quality time on myself. Why is this? Is it the social stigma that is attached to stay-at-home moms. That we are basically housemaids with no other qualities other than household chores and raising children and if we take time we are selfish and  we are somehow not contributing to our families.

I have this little voice in my head telling me it isn’t okay to take time for myself. That because the kids are “working” in school and my husband is at work, I should also be “working” at home.

This is ridiculous. I spend most my days cooking, cleaning, making phone calls, doctors appointments, and whatever else is needed to keep our house running smoothly, yet I still can’t sit down to do anything for me without feeling guilty. I can only assume and hope I am not alone in this.

This is stopping today. I have dreams and goals, too. I truly believe society tells us our job is somehow unimportant because we don’t bring in a paycheck. As if raising strong, independent, well- rounded children to send off into the world is easy. It’s not.

I refuse to let this idea creep into my head ever again and neither should you.

It is time for YOU. Time to find something that makes YOU happy. Take it slow, like me, if you want. It’s not a race. Start with a bubble bath or 30 minutes of uninterrupted reading. It doesn’t matter  how frivolous it seems as long as it’s for you.  It can be challenging, but this is what I know, when we are happy  and content as women, as individuals, marriage and motherhood becomes a just a little bit easier. I don’t know about you, but easy has my name written ALL OVER IT.

So, whether or not there is laundry piled on your couch, like mine, or you have dishes in your sink, STOP! Leave it and take just 30 minutes for yourself. You deserve it. We deserve it. Let’s, together, stop listening to what others think and do something for ourselves.

xoxo Cassey

2 thoughts on “Time for some ME time”

  1. Cassey this is a great blog. I struggled with the same thing when I was a stay-at-home mom. It’s hard to take time for yourself but is definitely necessary. Continue with your me time and I look forward to reading more of your blogs. I love you and your sweet family.

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