Today was a rough one, to say the least.

I was patting myself on the back after having our daughters very first parent/teacher conference. They have only been in public school for a month. So these are the first tests I’ve received from public school. As a home school mom, I never stopped worrying about how much information they were retaining. I was nervous to hear.

She scored more than a year ahead. BREATHE.

I thought, “I did it”.

Mama & Peyton (1)


It’s now time for school to start. I walk my kinder to class (he is having a really hard time transitioning). He is already crying before we reach the door (like most days). The poor teacher knows he here; she meets us at the door. My mind is racing trying to think of anything to make him STOP CRYING. I am now sweating. Perfect. “Let’s take a seat” I suggest, hoping to spark some distraction in his little mind. Still crying, “NO, my tummy hurts, my head, & my leg hurts. I don’t think I can stay.” I flash my best ” concerned, but I believe your invisible hurts” face and force myself to pull it together. I gave him a kiss and a hug, stood up, let him know I would be back soon and I loved him. He’s now wrapped around my legs while she is trying to calmly pull him away, so I could leave. After about 45 seconds she had him. It was time for me to follow through, be strong, and leave. Almost out the door, I made a parenting 101 mistake. I looked back. I instantly felt 2 centimeters tall and wanted nothing more than to turn around and go get my baby. Instant regret.

I tried to fight the tears, but they were already there.I waited outside the classroom, out of sight, until the crying stopped and I could breathe again.

How do other moms do it? Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Is this harmful for my child? I don’t know. I’ll add these to the list of other answers I don’t have.

xoxo Cassey

2 thoughts on “Kinder-Crying”

  1. Totally normal!!! You look alone in that hallway because everybody else who doesn’t happen to have a super advanced, over-mature type “A” 5 year old did this in September and October ❤ you can do this mama!

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